The Story

Kiawaii Co. is a one-woman business run by myself, a Hmong American woman who has a cleft lip and palate and also scoliosis. I get inspiration from everywhere and everything going on in my life.


I come from a large family with most of them being creative people. My dad was an inventor of sorts. If he didn't have something he needed, he'd make it himself. My mom was always working with her hands either sewing something or working in her garden. My siblings were also artsy and crafty people.

As a child, I loved coming up with crazy ideas that I thought were creative. I'd decorate my room with my own cutouts, cut up photographs (and even my Barbie's hair and clothes), and charged my siblings .25 cents to fix their broken jewelry with my dad's tools.

Eventually, I grew up, went to college. got a job at an IT company, started working from home, and somewhere along the way, I lost my creativity. Kiawaii Co. was started as a creative outlet to capture that amazing feeling you get from designing and making something yourself.


My goal with Kiawaii Co. is to create quality products that help express who you are and whatever you're feeling in all walks of life.