Why doesn't my item look like the picture?
All items (besides from Gently Loved page) are handmade for each order. Yours is special to you as no two items will look exactly the same.

What's the fit of the tees?
Please refer to the Size & Fit page.

How should I care for my tee / hoodie? Will it shrink?
Turn the clothing item inside out and wash in cold water. Since all tees and hoodies have some percentage of cotton, they will tend to shrink a little after being washed and dried. To minimize shrinkage, machine dry on low or hang dry. Do not use bleach or iron directly on the design.

How are the tees and hoodies decorated?
All tees and hoodies are carefully pressed with premium commercial grade quality heat transfer vinyl.

Do you manufacture the products in-house?
Everything is designed, decorated and handmade in-house with ♥love and care.